Rabbit - February 2016


Hey, so this is me. I love this picture, it was taken on our wedding day. Happy memories! Quick plug for our photographer, Jo Bartholomew www.jobartholomew.com.au  you should check out her website - she really is the most amazing photographer. I wish she was UK based because I'd commission her all the time for my graphics business but we had to fly her over from Aussie for the wedding so that's really not practical for everyday use!


I'm Cas Smirthwaite Walker, the artist and designer behind everything you see on this website. Before my web developer friends, in a bid to be helpful, say anything about this website not being search engine optimised or mobile friendly - I know! I created it in a hurry to show off my artwork, I really don't care if it's found by a search engine or not and I'm hoping that people will want to view my artwork on a nice big screen. If you want to see a selection of my 'properly' designed responsive websites then visit the graphics site please.


My husband, Geoff and I own a small holding in Cornwall where we live with my parents, two dogs, two cats, ten chickens and ten horses. (The horses belong to someone else but we love having them here and they sort of came with the property when we bought it in 2015 so they have stayed!)


We've got big plans for the place:


1.) Add more animals.


2.) Grow our own veg and become more self sufficient.


3.) Start a holiday business by building some lets in the



4.) Open a tea shop. (This is just a pipe dream at the moment

and might not happen but I'll keep you posted!)


5.) Host events here - could be anything from survival courses

to live bands to LARP events or all of the above - we haven't

really decided yet.


I've been a Graphic Designer for 15 years and have worked with agencies, in-house design teams, freelance and I went full time with Flying Lizard Design in 2014. Since then we have grown (slowly) and I now have a team of freelancers with different specialities to draw on.


I love design but I desperately want to make more of my illustrative work. I'd love to take on illustration jobs, maybe with an agent (so if you're an agent, you like my work and want to represent me then AWESOME, please get in touch!!!)

Cas Smirthwaite Walker

Contact me:


07967 192 586


Contact Flying Lizard Design:


01208 821 859